Shopping Procedure

If you want to buy goods, you must either wait for the factory to produce the goods or buy goods currently in stock.

1.Get a shopping table : please send an Email to us so we can send a shopping table to you. You can buy AMYESHOP's goods after you read and agree to the rules .

2.The Shopping Table : Please reply to the shopping table. Once you've finished double check your goods’size , color and kind .

3.Remittances : After you have replied on the shopping table, kindly remit the money within 3 days , please .

4.Working time : We need to check your remittances and prepare your goods. This procedure will take a few days or weeks.

5.Prepare goods : We need to prepare your goods and double check them. Please expect to receive your goods in 7 through 30 working days (do not include weekends and holidays) .

If for some reason we are unable to produce your goods, we will refund your money.

6.Send your goods : You will get AMYESHOP's best goods .

If you want to buy any goods in AMYESHOP, please reply by using an Excel file .

‧It is really important to read the AMYESHOP’S rules first .

We want to avoid waiting and mistakes in the mail exchange . Please check all of your goods’size, kind, color and other information . After we get your order of goods, you cannot change your order.

‧All of goods will be sent after they are produced in the factory.

After we get your remittance , we will begin procedures of producing, packing and shipping .This process may take several days for some goods.

If that is the case, please wait 7 through 15 days excluding weekends and holidays.

If we have stocked goods, after we check your remittance;we will send your goods as soon as possible. Of course we will press the factory to finish your goods promptly .

※We want to safeguard your order , we don’t refund the remittance in the working day.

If the factory stop producing the goods

We will refund New Taiwanese dollars to you .

Shopping Procedure :

1.After you have to remit money within 3 days, you reply the shopping table. After you need to notify for us, you remitted money that day, we will prepare your goods.

2.Before you have to written your goods’ order and information address name telephone number in the Excel file, you need to send to us. Before We sent registered number to you, let you inquiry your goods .

How can you remit :

PAYPAL : If you’re a PAYPAL user, you need to finish remittance once. else , you will pay commission again.

PAYPAL : that is really important to we only accept New Taiwanese dollars . (After you will get the information, you sent a Email to us .)

Remittance by bank : After you will get the information, you sent a Email to us .


Business time : Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Taiwanese time) don't include weekend and holiday.

Service phone : +886 958 694 094        Email :